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COVID-19 Safety Measures and Infection Control

Queen Street Smiles is diligently monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and ensuring that our clinical environment is kept safe for you and our staff.


We are following Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) and Safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19:


Upon booking your appointments 

Intake forms are emailed to patients prior to their appointments and are requested to email them back upon completion.  All patients are informed of our infection control guidelines including the use of PPE and screening requirements.  Patients booking will be well-managed to minimize the number of people in the clinic and allow the staff to disinfect in between patients.


On the day of your appointment

Patients will be asked to wait in their cars, or in the building lobby, and will be called once they are ready to be seen.  Patients are requested to come unaccompanied unless necessary.  Hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry.  Patients will be screened as they enter for symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  Please note that if the patient says “yes” to any of the COVID screening questions or elevated temperature is taken, you will not be allowed to proceed, and your appointment will be re-scheduled.  


Disinfection and Sanitization Procedures

All surfaces that are in contact with staff and patients are sanitized after use.  Seats are sanitized after each patient, as well as all equipment.  We ensure that our staff is observing proper hand hygiene and sanitizing contact surfaces after each patient's appointment.

​You are important to us, and we are doing everything possible to protect our patients and staff. If you feel that there is anything, we can do differently to enhance your experience, please contact us at or at (905) 454-9583


Please complete and submit the COVID-19 Patient Screening Form during each visit.

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